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The college application process was so overwhelming to us I wasn’t sure how we would get through it.  A friend recommended that we call Your Journey To College.  As soon as we met our college consultant, we felt as if a weight had been lifted off our shoulders.  She made the entire process so easy and with her help and guidance my son got all his applications in on time for early admission.  Her knowledge and experience are invaluable; she knew exactly what colleges would be good matches for my son and some of her suggestions ended up being his top choices.  She even helped him edit his essay. It showed who he really is and was so beautifully written he received three hand written notes from three different college admissions officers saying how much they loved it. One even told him that as soon as she read his essay, she knew she had to offer him admission.  In fact, we were amazed at how many acceptance letters he received and thrilled that he had so many great options to choose from.  Hiring our consultant from Your Journey To College was well worth the investment and I have referred her to several friends.   
Bobbi B.

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Our college consultant at Your Journey To College was so thoughtful and kind. Applying to colleges is a daunting task and one that will affect the rest of your child’s life. We are so happy and so grateful that we were recommended to her as she made the application process painless walking us through everything that was happening and would happen. She was always available on the phone to speak to even the simplest question we had. The in-person meetings were thoughtful and informative. We were guided in the right direction as to which schools were safe, within range or a reach. As a postscript, our child made her dream school! I would highly recommend our college consultant to anyone going through this wonderful but daunting time in your life. It was nice to have someone who truly cared by our side. Joe C.

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We were so overwhelmed by the whole preparation for college and a friend of ours recommended a college  consultant that she had used and truly respected. When we met with her, we instantly felt so much at ease. She helped us with the whole process from start to finish; she has so much knowledge and experience. My daughter was accepted to all the colleges she had applied for. Even now with questions we have our college consultant always makes herself available. This whole process was smooth and stress-free. We highly recommend her and we will be using her in the near future for my other daughter. Alyssa T.

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When it was time to think about college I was completely clueless. Neither of my parents went to college so we didn't know what step to take first. I planned on staying home for college because I didn't know what other options I had. My consultant at Your Journey To College literally took me step by step through the entire process. She helped me with the entire application process from top to bottom. If it wasn't for this woman, I wouldn't have found the college of my dreams and I might not be where I am today. My consultant truly cares about each and every one of her students, which you can see by her passion for what she does. I look forward to her her guidance for my own children one day. Nicole M. 

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Navigating the college application process is complicated and stressful, for both the parent and child. While school counselors are available to help, they only have so many hours to dedicate to each student. Enlisting the help of Your Journey to College was the best decision for us. My son received personalized guidance in selecting colleges and completing the Common Application in time for early admission. We even had a one-on-one session with an English teacher, who inspired my son to write a college essay that truly came from the heart, and shows the person behind the application. I highly recommend Your Journey to College. This dedicated and devoted team of counselors are worth the investment! Cathy T.

Our college consultant has been very professional and has worked tirelessly throughout the entire college process with our son. Our son was able to find the right college match - a school that met his academic goals, career choice and personal preferences as well as our financial criteria. We would like to thank the college consultant at Your Journey To College for guiding us through this overwhelming process and for helping our son find the right college for him. He is very happy and so are we! Paul F. 

My son had a hectic schedule between school, activities and work. The college application process was extremely overwhelming and just added to the stress of his junior year of high school. As a working, single parent, I just didn’t have the time to devote to the process, and I wanted to make sure it was all done correctly in order to give him the best possible options for the right college selection.  With the help of the consultants at Your Journey To College, my son was able to get the entire process complete way before the college deadlines. The plan they used took him from the initial college search to the final submission of the application and the college essay! They even took the time to point out scholarships that he might qualify for! The relief and satisfaction that was felt by knowing that the process was completed was totally a worthwhile investment!  I have referred them to several friends who have been thrilled as well! Lauren B.

The consultant we worked with at Your Journey to College helped make the overwhelming college process so much easier for me and my daughter. We were given a clear understanding of how the process works and our consultant worked around my daughter's busy schedule to meet with her. The college deadlines were met with ease and my daughter was accepted to her first-choice school and is very happy! Ann F.  

As soon as I met my college consultant I was sure I had made the right decision, she was so interested in what I was looking for as far as my college experience and guided me every step of the way.  In addition to good grades I was an average swimmer all through high school and I didn't have a clue how I would transition onto a college team.  My college consultant was a wealth of information and with her guidance I found the college that was right for me, both academically and physically.  I just graduated with a BS in Secondary Education/Biology and swam all 4 years on the college team and totally enjoyed my college experience. Jamilee J.

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 I was an average student in high school and decided to go to a local community college to raise my grades and give myself time to decide on my future goals. During my second year, I did not know how to begin the college application process in order to transfer the next year. The consultant I worked with at Your Journey To College  guided me through the entire process and I was able to reach my goal of attending the SUNY school of my choice. I am graduating with honors and I am grateful for the assistance I received!  John M.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
My son has a learning disability as well as ADHD. The thought of going through the college process became stressful in addition to the concern about finding the correct college for my son. My college consultant at Your Journey to College was very knowledgeable about the types of programs and services that colleges could provide to make his transition a smooth one. She was able to break down the application steps into manageable sessions within a precise timeline. The process became much easier with great results! Patricia A.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
No one should take the Journey to College without our college consultant.  Despite many obstacles, her expertise in so many areas got my daughter into her dream school.  She is knowledgable, caring, very accessible and responsive.  She is very easy to work with and her guidance counselor background is a major asset. She will make your child (and you ) feel very at ease during this stressful process.  She took us from the initial search to acceptance and included many helpful tips I never would have even dreamed of to enhance my child's application. I would not hesitate to recommend Your Journey to College to students of all academic aptitudes. You will be more than satisfied with the results.  Fran D.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I highly recommend using Your Journey to College to help with the college application process.  Our consultant was wonderful!  She came recommended by two friends and she lived up to their high praises!   What seemed overwhelming at first was broken down into manageable steps, including figuring out what type of school my son would like to attend, narrowing down the long list of choices to a reasonable list, helping my son revise his essays, to filling out the Common App and applications for individual schools. Kathy B. 

Your Journey To College Workshop Testimonials

This workshop was outstanding. I am very pleased with the knowledge I gained and now have the confidence to support my child. 

The presentation was so informative. Things have changed so much and it is hard to keep track of deadlines and important information. 

This workshop was excellent. I will spread the word about how much it helped me! 

The sessions were so informative and it is helpful to know about applying to college and how to get scholarships. 

The presenter knocked it out of the park! 

Very informative and easy to understand! 

The last session on keeping your relationship with your child strong was much-needed and helpful. 

The process has become easier due to the knowledge I gained. 

This program was fantastic! 

The presenter did a beautiful job! This was a very informative class. I encourage others to participate in this program. 

The information was very well presented and informative! 

The presenter was very informative and well-prepared. The course was great and easy to navigate. 

Excellent presentation with useful information. 

The parenting session was great and necessary! 

It was a very interesting and helpful course. The instructor was easy to listen to and talk to. 

This workshop was worth the investment of time. I received a wealth of information!