Choosing a College Major

Choosing a college major often produces confusion and anxiety for high school students. It is important to note that many students are undecided about a major. Seniors in high school are still getting to know themselves and the careers that exist. It is perfectly fine not to declare a major when applying to college. Admissions officers share that it is very common for applicants to choose "undeclared" as a major on college applications. They also say that over seventy percent of students that do choose a major upon admission change their mind at some point, often more than once.
Many college majors contain general education courses that you can take for a year or two while you explore some areas as long as you declare a major by the end of your second year. Majors such as nursing, engineering, architecture, and pharmacy are more structured and if choose that major later on in the process, it may require some extra time for you to finish your degree.

It is important to give thought to what you like as far as coursework in high school and what you might enjoy in regard to a work environment. The perfect combination combines your talents and interests. Try out new classes, join a few clubs, volunteer in an organization or two, and do some career-based research and exploration. Register for job-shadowing opportunities and internships. Try this free career exploration website and see what you discover: