Applications Do's & Don'ts

Here are some tips for students who will be filling out college applications this summer. The Common Application becomes active on August 1st, so get ready!
Applications Do's & Don'ts:
Make sure there are no spelling errors at all on your application. (Make sure your name is spelled correctly; errors have happened)
Answer every question completely and thoroughly.
Highlight your strengths and talents so you stand out from the crowd.
Be selective about who you ask to write your recommendation; make sure they know you well and give them information to draw from. Waive your right to see this information as that decision is noted at the college level.
Complete all optional sections of the application, including essays.
Submit earlier rather than later: watch deadlines carefully.
Choose an appropriate email address for correspondence with admissions officials.
Watch content you post on social media sites: this may be investigated.

Omit information or provide incorrect information on applications.
Forget to attach a comprehensive activity resume that showcases your accomplishments outside of the classroom.
Procrastinate and begin to work on this information at the last minute. It will be reflected in your application.
Submit a poorly written essay; this is an integral part of your application.
Portray a picture of someone you are not; you should be looking for the right fit for you!
Forget to complete supplemental applications if required; scholarship and honors programs may entail a separate application as well.

Check out our comprehensive list of do's and don'ts at:

Good luck!