Interview Tips


Will you have an interview with an Admissions Officer?
If so, check out some tips here:

• Find out whether the college recommends that students come for an interview. • Inquire as to whether the interview is informative or evaluative. • See if an alumni representative in your area can grant an interview if you cannot travel to the school. • Arrive 10 minutes early and dress the part. Know where the interview will be held and dress on the conservative side. • Demonstrate what you will bring to the campus community through examples. • Reveal who you really are. Admissions officers want to get to know you as a person, not a set of statistics. • Highlight your passions and interests – discuss why your accomplishments were meaningful and what you got out of them.
• Review a list of frequently asked questions and think through the issues ahead of time. • Review your application materials before you go. They may reference something that you wrote – make sure it is fresh in your mind. • Be true to yourself, who you really are and what you believe in. • Ask the interviewer about their experiences at the college.

• Show up unannounced and expect an interview. • Be too early. • Sound like you have rehearsed a speech. The interview should be like a conversation. Be natural, be yourself and be optimistic. • Be afraid to show your sense of humor. • Show up with no knowledge of the school and it’s programs.
• Come unprepared without questions & impressions about the college. • Forget to get the name and title of the person interviewing you and follow-up with a well-written thank you note, not an email.
• Tell the interviewer why the college will be lucky to have a brilliant student, such as you. • Overdo the makeup, cologne, or jewelry and don’t chew gum. • Answer questions with just a yes or no. Try to keep your answers as conversational as possible. • Focus on your negatives. Remember that problems can be viewed as challenges – demonstrate how you overcame adversity if necessary. • Ask general questions that can be found on the website.

Be yourself and enjoy the process!