The College Essay

The college essay is the part of the application that students often dread and procrastinate about however, it is an integral part. It is also one that needs a significant amount of time and attention. The essay is the chance for applicants to showcase aspects of themselves which define who they are and to show what sets them apart from other students. The essay will provide an opportunity for the student to highlight their values, strengths and talents as well as show what matters to them. They are given the opportunity to show what experiences they have been affected by as well. The essay should reflect the applicant's strongest attributes and passions. It should be well-written, creative and error-free.

Here are some tips for writing an essay that stands out:

Be yourself and be authentic. Misrepresenting yourself will not benefit you in finding a school that is a good match. In addition, admissions counselors are adept at reading between the lines and sniffing out inauthentic writing. The "voice" of a seventeen year old differs from that of an adult. Although your essay should be grammatically correct and error-free, make sure the words and content are your own.

Make sure to highlight what will set you apart from other students: This is not a time to brag, but it is not a time to be shy either. Show, rather than tell, through a creative avenue what you will bring to the college campus. Admissions counselors are looking to create a diverse campus community. What will you contribute?

Dedicate time to the process of writing an exceptional essay. Don't procrastinate; revise, revise & revise!

Make your essay interesting for the reader. Admission counselors read tons of essays. Let yours stand out by writing a creative story that captures their interest, while demonstrating who you truly are.

Ask for opinions from parents, relatives, counselors or teachers and listen to the feedback with an open mind however, the decision on what the essay should consist of should be yours.

Some other tips:

Don't ever plagiarize.
Try removing the first and last paragraph and see if it looks cleaner.
Humor is subjective and can be misconstrued; use it carefully.
Don't be wordy; get your point across in a concise manner.

Enjoy the process and view it as your opportunity to find a great match!