Extra-curricular Activities Matter

Getting involved in extra-curricular activities is important for many reasons. These experiences allow high school students to meet other individuals who share similar interests and they may develop new friendships this way. Exploring new venues could lead to interest in a career path for a student as well. Listing activities, both in and out of school, is part of the college application and students can create an activity resume that is included with their application. It is a positive factor when there are activities to list, such as clubs, sports, special talent areas, employment, or volunteer experiences. A substantial listing could positively sway a decision. Admission officials want students on their campus who are active and involved; a student who is active in high school is more likely to make contributions to the college community. 

Encourage your child to remain active in areas they enjoy.Remember to keep a list of all activities from grade nine on. Keep in mind that it is preferable to show dedication and commitment to a few areas than have a listing of many areas that reflects little investment.

Check out this site for a comprehensive listing of Long Island volunteer opportunities: www.longislandvolunteercenter.org